Change is the only constant. Most people tend to make life changing decision on New Year’s Eve so that when the New Year comes you are a new person. Sadly the resolutions only last so long. Social media is already filled with the ‘New Year new me’ memes to show how skeptical people already are….Continue Reading “Four resolutions that will make 2019 your year”

Teenage sexual cleansing is a ritual that takes place in the remote southern part of Malawi. kusasa fumbi, loosely translated to brushing off the dust is seen as a rite of passage for teenagers once they hit puberty. Parents pay sex workers $5 to $7 to sleep with their daughters and ‘purify’ them after they…Continue Reading “The Malawian ritual that has shaken the world”

Why all roads are leading to Lake Turkana on the 27th of June.

It is that time of the year when we get to celebrate the beautiful culture of the 14 ethnic communities that reside in Marsabit County. The Lake Turkana festival seeks to bring together people from different walks of life through song, dance, culinary and tradition, more-so, the different communities that reside on the eastern shores…Continue Reading “Why all roads are leading to Lake Turkana on the 27th of June.”

A day in Nairobi

With a diverse and multicultural composition, Nairobi is a prime tourism destination. The city is home to several museums, sites and monuments and to top it up, it is the only city that has a national park within its boundaries. Whether you are in the city for business or adventure there are countless activities and…Continue Reading “A day in Nairobi”

To what lengths are you willing to go to spice up things in your bedroom? In ancient times, aphrodisiacs were used more to encourage procreation through increased sex drive rather than pleasure. Most of the foods were thought to increase libido not because of any noticeable chemicals but for their likeness to certain body parts….Continue Reading “HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE? APHRODISIACS YOU SHOULD TRY”