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Writing the perfect cover letter

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Cover letters are basically an introduction of who you are. The letter shows your potential employer how your qualifications are relevant to the position you are applying for. Hence, you should ensure that your cover letter is as close as it gets to becoming perfect. Here are some of the common mistakes you have probably made while writing your cover letter costing you that job.

1) Lack of professionalism
Using slang looks very unprofessional. ensure that you are professional starting from the salutation to signing out. Before sending your cover letter, you need to proofread it to ensure that it is capable of assisting you to secure that job of your dreams. In addition to that, how about sending it to a couple of trusted friends and family who will advise you on how to make it better?

2) NegativeĀ self-portrayal
Negativity can be expressed through what you tell your employer about yourself in the cover letter. Saying that you left your job because of a mean boss might mean that you are a difficult person to work with. Also, you quit easily when faced with adversities. Highlight your interest in the position and how you learned about the said position. The cover letter also gives you an opportunity to tell your story and most importantly the value that you are going to add to the organization. Unlike the resume where you just highlight your achievement and experience, the cover letter focuses more on your interests.

3) Lying
While it is advisable to edit your cover letter to suit the position you are applying for, lying is a no-no. If the job is lucrative, you might be tempted to doctor your qualifications and achievements to fit the position. I know learning on the job is a common phrase but still overstating can cost you dearly!

4) Typos and grammatical errors
These are the enemies of progress and a sure way to miss that opportunity. Agreed, nobody is perfect. How about rereading what you have written before sending it out. Imagine writing an excellent cover letter, but as you are signing out you write ‘retards’ instead of ‘regards’. That slight mistake might end up costing you your ticket from poverty.
To ensure that my writing is error free I use Grammarly.

5) Using Cursive font as your signature
Putting a signature on an online cover letter can be challenging, hence leading to people using a cursive font. This shows lack of professionalism because it definitely doesn’t pass for a signature. Instead of doing this you can opt to scan your real signature and insert the image in your cover letter. If that sounds tiresome, just sign out with your name.


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I hope you find this article helpful, share your thoughts and tips on writing great cover letters below and help a fellow job seeker.

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