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The NightKing is depicted as the leader of the Whitewalkers. He is physically set apart from the others by his crown which is made of pointy, frosty horns. According to a number of theories, he is a Stark relative who was long dead. Other theories argue that he is the First of the First Men who was transformed by the Children of the Forest into an immortal, strong being with the hope of fighting off the Andals. Whichever theory you decide to go with, the Nightking has survived more than 8,000 years. Through all these years he must have accumulated a lot of experiences and knowledge. Here are some lessons we learn from this character.

1. Empowering others
The NightKing knows that in order for his mission to be complete he requires an army to match with. He empowers his Generals to lead the rest of the army. The wights are so empowered that they don’t have to ask him for instruction. They know what they are supposed to do at a given point and time. He silently encourages his army to move forward, though, this has never been done before.

The NightKing as portrayed by Vladimir Furdik (From Season 6-8)

2. Patience is a virtue
He waits patiently for his time to strike. He is smart enough to know that in order for him to win, he has to wait for certain events to happen as it is prophesied on the Azor Ahai prophecy. He also knows that in order for him and his army of the dead to go across, he needs the wall to go down and in turn break the magic protecting it.

3. Not oversharing
With the wake of social media, people feel the need to share even the intimate details of their day to day life. The Night King is the direct opposite of this. People only know that he exists but they don’t know for sure who he was before becoming the Night King. While talking to Entertainment Weekly, Furdik said “Somebody made him the Night King. Nobody knows who he was beforeā€”a soldier or part of [nobility]. He never wanted to be the Night King.”
That probably explains why he seeks revenge.

The NightKing as portrayed by Vladimir Furdik, Game of Thrones, HBO

4. Always have a plan B
During Season 8, Episode 3: The Long Night, Jon Snow tries to challenge the Night King to a sword fight. Instead of losing focus and engaging Jon, the Night King raises the fallen soldiers, including those in the crypts of Winterfell. Moral of the story, don’t lose focus by sideshows! When he decided to lead his army south, the night king knew that he might lose everything. He challenged the process and walked into the unknown.

The NightKing as portrayed by Vladimir Furdik, Game of Thrones, HBO

5. Lead by example
The White Walkers and the army of the dead do not follow the Night King because of his crown. He commands respect since he knows what strategies to use to bring the ‘Long Night’ to Westeros hence ends up ruling the continent. He converts Viserion into a Wight and leads his army South. With the help of the dragon, he destroys the wall that has been keeping the White Walkers in the North. He inspires a shared vision with his army.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Comment with your favorite character in the Game of Thrones series below!

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