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I ordered hot water at Villa Rosa Kempinski

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I love writing. Through writing, I have met people I never thought I would and visited places I only see on tv or in memes (that I love sharing). On that note follow me on Instagram to experience the beautiful meme world! I digress.

It is a rainy evening in March, 2017. I’m just chilling in the house, in my bed with the covers above my head. Yes, that’s how cold it was. Am busy on the streets of social media when I receive a call from my editor. At the time, I was working for a well know magazine.

She has an assignment for me. One of the world’s greatest footballer of all time is in the country for the Barclays Kenya Open. She needs me to cover his story the following day. We go over the plans on how to get great photos, the questions I would ask and of course what I shouldn’t miss during the interview.

Interviews excite me for a number of reasons. First off, I’m always excited to meet new people and know their story. On that day, I wasn’t going to meet just anyone, I would meet Jay Jay Okocha! Holy mother! The icing on the cake, I was meeting him at the Villa Rosa Kempinski.

Of course, I have heard stories about the place and I see it on my way to Nakuru all the time. Also, Collo, my friend, has been generous enough to give me all the info including how to get a matatu from town and where to alight. Yes, I took a matatu couldn’t afford an uber.

Am so excited that I don’t sleep that night. I don’t want to miss my alarm and miss the interview. I was slotted for 7.00 to 8:30 A.M. We would do the interview as we had breakfast. You know people are busy living life out here.

Fast forward to the D-day, I get there in time and am marveled. I love the soft Jazz music playing in the background. I seat at the reception and wait for someone to come pick me up.

In about 10 minutes he comes, we exchange pleasantries. I can’t help but notice his South African accent. Should I comment on it or will that be rude! Is he married? He certainly is, he is too good looking to be single. How will the interview go? What if I call him Okoja instead of Okocha. Maybe the witches in my village decided that today will be the day. The guy just told me his name, why can’t I remember it? I should learn to listen better. I conclude as we step out of the elevator.

As we walk towards the dining area where I’m meant to do the interview, We pass by a waiter (or are they called stewards?). The guy I’m with informs him that my bill should be placed on a different tab. Wait what?

I quickly thought of the 50 bob I had that was my bus fare back to Rongai. No, I couldn’t risk peeling potatoes. It was at this moment, ladies and gentlemen, that I made up my mind to order hot water. Surely an establishment like this couldn’t charge for that.

Oh, the interview was a hit by the way and I got a number of selfies!

I am a lover of life and a great storyteller.

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