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The Mister, Book Review: Pain, Pleasure and Consent

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Fitfy Shades of Grey author E. L James released a new romance novel. How crazy does it get?

Maxim Travelyan has it all. He is a model, a photographer, and a Music Dj. He has looks to die for, a title and money to support his lavish lifestyle. He is the true definition of a playboy who has one simple rule: Do not remember the names of the women who share his bed. That makes it easier to forget them.

When Tragedy strikes, he has to drastically change his lifestyle. He is forced to step in his brother’s shoes that are too big for him to fill. He inherits the family title, wealth and estate and with that, he inherits their responsibilities.

Those, he can handle. It is the burning desire for Alessia Demanchi, his cleaner’s replacement that gives him a hard time. Alessia is a mysterious and discreet beauty with hands created to play his grand piano. She is running from her past and is ready to turn a new leaf. She is experiencing a new country and new culture. Can Maxim protect her from a past that haunts her? What happens when the skeletons from his closet start coming out?

Set in the heart of London, ‘The Mister’ takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Grabbing your attention to the very last word of the 503 pages. Unlike the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, James addresses matters contraception, consent and the dangers of an abusive relationship.

‘The Mister’ by EL James is published by Arrow and goes for Ksh. 900. You can find it online or any leading book shops.

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