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Your panties speak volumes

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A lady’s choice of underwear is part of her womanly mysteriousness. A secret uniqueness hidden safely from the prying eyes of the public! What a lady decides to attire is mostly influenced by her style, memories, emotion and at times self-esteem. So what do your inner clothes say about you?

Boy shorts
If you prefer the good old boy shorts, chances are that you are a sporty girl who is confident with her curves. You dress for yourself and definitely prefer comfort. You are the alpha female. People around you look up to you to offer leadership and advice. As much as you are a go-getter you are social and friendly.

You radiate of sexy! You are confident, motivated, ambitious and have no problem expressing yourself. People might find you a little intimidating because of your fierceness. You don’t mind offering guidance and always bring your A game. Stepping on a few toes on your way up isn’t much of a problem for you! You definitely believe that the end justifies the means.

You’d rather be on a beach with your skin soaking the rays of the sun, but responsibilities won’t let you. You are fun and outgoing with a touch of accountability. You are super chill; at times this can be misunderstood for laziness. You are a free spirit always looking for the next adventure. You currently might not have what you desire but you are working towards it!

Granny panties
Comfort is your second name. you are not shy about what you like and expect people to be cool with whatever life decisions you make. You strongly believe that being yourself is the only way to attract real people. Though quirky you are a trustworthy friend. However, this might mean that you don’t get laid quite often.

You are sexy and you know it. (Cue in the song!) You don’t mind dancing to your own beat even though you may look out of place when you are at it. You enjoy the company of male species but that doesn’t mean that you have no female friends. You are a party animal; it is never a dull moment with you around.

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