There is an audio, from a certain radio station, making rounds about this lady who met a guy online. They both decided that they like each other and after a couple of months decided to meet in person. All was well until this lady woke up the following morning to discover that her pubic hair was missing. The panic-stricken lady called the radio presenter who offers to call the guy in question and inquire about the happenings of that said night.

The guy gives a similar account of the events and even confesses to shaving the lady when she was asleep. (I’m skeptical about this too). He claims that he did that to teach her a listen on personal hygiene with no hidden agenda. He ends the audio by saying that good girls shave. That begs the question, how true is this?

There is a misconception that ladies who don’t shave are dirty or don’t take their hygiene seriously which is far from the truth. According to a new study, shaving pubic hair can have more negative effects compared to what you stand to gain. The effects can be so adverse that they leave you in a hospital bed.

Hair removal can give you sores, which are naturally caused by bacteria getting into the body through the hair follicle. This can be corrected by antibiotics or the patient having an operation. A lot of women prefer waxing since they believe that it is safer than shaving. This is not true, waxing also causes ingrown hair that can be both uncomfortable and painful.

You risk increasing your chances of getting infected with an STI all thanks to hair removal. During the hair removal process, the skin membrane is affected making it easier for bacteria to enter the body. The pubic hair is designed to absorb moisture draining it away from areas that aren’t exposed. If the hairs are missing, then you are unprotected.

So did the guy do her a favor or not?

I am a lover of life and a great storyteller.

14 thoughts on “Good girls shave

  1. He’d no business doing that worthless job for the lady who’d decided to stat with her hair. There’s nothing I love more than a woman with lind, dense, clean pybic hair.

  2. It’s a 50 50 scenario. We need to understand the myths and misconceptions about shaving of the pubic hair, and what were we taught while we were teenagers about personal hygiene.

  3. well the guy wasn’t in order to shave her without consulting her but then I think as much studies are saying that n this I recommend people to shave using scissors just trim then to a level that it is understandable no way am accepting somebody who comes with an afro of MJ @ 10 yrs hehehe

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