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Your partner might not value your opinion or doesn’t even listen to you to begin with. You feel drained and tangled up in an unproductive and corrupt relationship. The spark that had initially burst into flames of passion is now an ember threatening to burn out any minute. You feel that you have tried everything but nothing seems to work. It is as if you are sailing in that situationship by yourself. Is it the right time to throw in the towels? When can you say enough is enough, pack your bags and move on?

1. Faith, family and finances
No matter how much you love each other, if you disagree on matters faith, family and finances then your relationship rather situationship is short lived. If you don’t share or respect each others’ beliefs, you might end up having arguments every now and again about different matters. Whether to add more members to your family or just stay the two of you should be discussed prior. Finances, especially in a relationship are such a touchy subject. Do you share your money with your partner or rather everyone with their own? How do you want your partner to contribute in running your household?

2. Zero chemistry
Physical attraction is expected to last throughout the relationship. Guaranteed, you wont always ‘like’ your partner. He might be found of leaving his socks at the door when he removes his shoes, you’d prefer if he placed them in the laundry basket. She might leave the dishes in the sink for extended periods and that irritates you to the core. If you feel that you cant turn a blind eye on the little things that s/he does to irritate you, then start rethinking the dynamics of your relationship. It is said that the little things pile up to become monstrous issues.

3. Substance abuse
Substance abuse can contribute to the failing of relationships. In most cases, it affect your finances and how you run things around the house. If your partner is not working on making things better by quitting or in extreme cases going to rehab, then this might not be the relationship for you. Try encouraging them towards getting help with the situation but if this fails, then it is time to pack those bags!

4. Commitment issues
Be sincere about what you want from the start and if your partner isn’t on the same page, move on. It is in common place to find people in friends with benefits ( FWB) kind of relationship. In some cases, you get into the relationship hoping that the other party is going to see how good and wonderful you are and that they are going to change their minds, fall head over heels with you because you are the best thing that ever happened to them. What are the odds? The leopard cant change his spots!

5. Minimal progress
If you feel you are not making any development in terms of your relationship goals or that you partner hinders you from achieving your goals, it is time to pack and leave. A relationship should enable your growth; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Before you get satisfaction from your relationship you have to be content with yourself first. Work on yourself to ensure that you are in a good place, you’re confident and secure. If these are lacking you’ll end up dragging each other in mud and most probably, loose yourselves in the process. Learn to love your own company. It is not wrong to go to the movies or shopping by yourself! If you can’t love yourself, who will?

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