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Kenya vs Uganda online war- hilarious memes

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It all started when Uganda decided it was good to renew its social media war against Kenya. Of course Kenyans keyboard warriors couldn’t just lie down as we received blows from our neighboring country. In case you missed them, here are a couple of memes that will surely make your evening.

1. How presidents deal with opposition

Also ever wondered how different Kenyan and Ugandan politicians are?

2. Beautiful ladies
from Uganda

Kenya responded with

Well is it even an online war if Akothee madam boss doesn’t make a cameo?

3. Since this is all fun and games how about the comedians?

but from where Ugandans stand this is more like it

4. Animals were not left out

5. If you were planning on getting a sponsor now you know where to find them

Unfortunately Ugandans stumbled on Wamama‘s Photo

6. Listen to what they preach rather than judging them by their clothes

And the best dressed bride goes to…

And the side chics?

Which was you favorite meme?

I am a lover of life and a great storyteller.

4 thoughts on “Kenya vs Uganda online war- hilarious memes

  1. It’s unfair and it’s full of Dictatorship, because Uganda’s most active and tormentors are removed from the group, then Posts are not Approved so that’s why 98% posts are for kenyans

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