Exes you definitely have

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Just as people fall in love, it is possible for them to fall out of love. Well, if you are like me, once a relationship is over we go back to being strangers regardless of what stage of the relationship we had gone to. In short I don’t understand what the term ex means. Why do we have to give labels to something that didn’t work out because of one reason or the other? Lol! But if you don’t mind labels then here are some exes that I’m sure you will definitely relate to.

• The one that got away
Now this one if given a second chance you won’t even think twice. You will throw everything to the wind and go back running. Very fast! Let’s face it, that’s never going to happen. They are probably married with three kids. The best you can do is start appreciating the lessons you learnt in that relationship and hope for a better deal in the future!

• The one that won’t stop
These are the annoying kind. They keep trying to rekindle the flame that died forever ago. When symptoms persist feel free to block and get that negative energy out of the way. You don’t want your current to get mixed up in that messy situation. I’m sure s/he will feel some kind of way if you keep walking down memory lane with the said ex!

• The occasional ‘hi’
This one will keep texting out of the blues just to see ‘how you are doing’. Of course they will let you know how much they have missed you. In most case after the formalities they are likely to ask for favors be it monitory or maybe they are in your area but have ‘nowhere’ to sleep. Be the judge on how to handle them.

• Just friends
S/he won’t try to get you back. He will try to be a good friend who is readily available. But this doesn’t mean that they will pass if the chance to get back together comes around. Depending on where you were with your relationship, friendship might work out great or turn out to be a disaster. At times it can cast a shadow on your new love interest. If you want the new new to work out, you don’t want a constant reminder of what you had roaming around!

I am a lover of life and a great storyteller.

9 thoughts on “Exes you definitely have

  1. Ex mean no more business… it’s a past tense.. they are enemies of progress when they are allowed back.

  2. When i refer to someone as my ‘Ex’ it simply means that at some point in life we had something going on, but whatever we had came to an end and now we are no longer together anymore. For me it doesn’t quite matter how the relationship ended, whether you hate my guts or we’re still in good terms, the fact still remains that we are done.

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